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    Business Taxpayers. Tax Professionals. Since the Comptroller's Office does not process property tax, we have provided the following links to Maryland property tax information: Learn about it! Once they are available, I will update this blog with more details and the obligations that the law imposes on all parties that are part of a real estate transaction.

    For real estate agents, it is important to ask the question of whether your Buyer client or Seller client is a registered participant of the ACP program. As soon as you learn of this information from your Buyer or Seller, you should notify the Lender and attorneys handling the transaction. Agents should be aware that a transaction involving an ACP participant will involve additional steps, not to mention extra time to ensure compliance with the new law and keep confidential the personal information of the ACP participant.

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    Readers with questions about this or any real estate legal matter can reach Dave Parker at The study resulted in the following procedures, recommended to the Governor, to shield a real property record: ACP participant notifies all parties to a real property transaction that they are part of the ACP program and instructs them to keep their name and all other identifying information confidential, and to not disclose any identifying information without specific written consent from the participant.

    The Clerk will send a certified copy of the deed with the cover sheet to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation SDAT , and notify them to shield the real property record. As a result, any tax map, parcel product or other public record generated from SDAT records will reflect the shielded information.