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County-wide indexes are listed in:. An law required registration of marriages with the clerk of the local district court. Most counties kept marriage records from the date the county was created. You can obtain copies from the county clerk's office. An law required the counties to send copies of the records to the Office of the State Registrar see address above. Licenses were not required until The Family History Library has marriage records for most counties, from county creation to or later, and some indexes to the s or later.

The library has the unindexed death records from Wayne County for to The earliest records of divorce were recorded in the supreme court. Later divorce papers are usually kept by the clerk of the circuit, chancery, or county court. The Family History Library has few divorce records for Michigan. Many divorce and other vital records have been abstracted and published in genealogical periodicals. These links will take you to wiki pages describing alternate sources for birth, marriage and death records.

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From FamilySearch Wiki. United States. Vital Records. Lansing, Michigan: Library of Michigan, Family History Library book Eakle, "Have you searched and searched for a marriage without finding it? Navigation menu Personal tools English. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read View source View history. Research Wiki. This page was last edited on 24 May , at This page has been viewed 8, times via redirect Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted.

Michigan Wiki Topics. Beginning Research. In he married Elizabeth Thrasher of Cherry Township, who was the mother of seventeen children. By his second marriage: Catharine, dec'd, married A.

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Overton responded at the first call for volunteers, and Nelson Sherman, yet living, has the distinction of being the first man to enlist from the township. Henry Sherman, Sr. Filed and Probate made May 22, Letters granted. Know all men by these presents, that I Henry Sherman of Overton Township, in the County of Bradford, and State of Pennsylvania, farmer, being in somewhat poor health, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me at anytime heretofore made.

And as to my worldly estate and all the property, reel, personal or mixed, of which I shall die seized and possessed, or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease, I devise, bequeath, and dispose thereof in the following manner, to wit:. First, my will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall, by my executors hereinafter named, be paid out of my estate, as soon after my decease as shell by them be found convenient. Item, I give, devise, and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth, all my household furniture, and also one half of my personel property.

I also give to her the use of my dwelling-house and its apperterences situated in Overton aforesaid and also one half of my real estate, to have and to hold the same to her for and during the term of her naturel life. Item, if my two youngest sons Andrew and Edward Sherman, shall remain with her Mother during their minority, and give proper care, oversight and labor in providing for her maintance and comfort, in farming my place, land or lands, then on these conditions, I give to them the use of one half of my land or lands aforesaid, and also at the close of their minority Seventy five Dollars apiece, The rest of my children, have already, in times past, received from me their several shares.

Item, I give, devise and bequeath, at the decease of my beloved wife Elizabeth, all the property, real, personal or mixed which shall belong to my estate at that time to all my beloved children, or their heirs, administraters or executers, share and share alike. And lastly, I do nominate and appoint my beloved and esteemed son-in-law Augustus Bliler of Forks Township, Sullivan County and State of Pennsylvania, and his brother Frank Bliler also of the same township to be executors of this my last will and testament,.

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In testimony whereof, I, the said Henry Sherman, have to this, my last will and testament, contained on this one sheet of paper, subscribed my name, and affixed my seal this Seventeenth day of February in the Year of our Lord on One Thousand-eight hundred and seventy seventh. Signed, sealed and published and declared by the said Henry Sherman as and for his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who, at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each of them, here subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto.

Richard Bedford. Frederick Heichuner. Henry Sherman his mark. Not being positive that the signature of Henry Sherman as signed above, being plainly written in German, we requested him to make his mark as appears and which he willingly did as exhibited. No June 11, Filed June 18, Bradford County, SS. Personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace in and for the said county, the following named persons, viz. Who upon their solemn oath did say, that they, at the request of A. Bliler would well and truly, and without predjudice and partiality, value and appraise the goods, chattels and credits which were of Henry Sherman deceased, and in all other respects perform their duties as Appraisers, to the best of their skill and judgement.

Sworn and subscribed before me Richard Bedford. June 4th, Reuben Musselman. Jacob Hottenstein, J. Inventory and Appraisement of Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits which were of Henry Sherman late of Overton taken in conformity with the above disposition:. Heifer 6. Iron Kettle 2. Old Harness. Old Mill Irons 7. Wool 51 lbs 25c Note Peter Sherman Amount due on article. William Sherman Total amount due estate Total assets and chattels Total Notes for Elizabeth Thrasher.

In Mr. Sherman married Elizabeth Thrasher, who as "Betsy" Sherman will long be remembered as the good Samaritan, always ready and administering to the needs of the afflicted. Besides the 10 children she delivered, she also had seven who died in infancy. Children of Henry W. Sherman and Catherine Hunsinger were as follows:. Notes: George, married and lived in one of the other counties. He married Catharine Rinebold. Notes: Amos died in his young manhood, unmarried.

He married Hannah Aquilla Musselman. You see a picture of this family and learn more about the Sherman and Musselman relationships at Selected Musselman Family Photos. Sherman and Elizabeth Thrasher were as follows:. She married A. Woodley , born in Overton, Bradford, Pennsylvania. He married Margaret Rowe. Notes: William Sherman was born in Overton Township in He was a son of Henry and Elizabeth Thrasher Sherman.

William Sherman purchased a portion of his father's farm lying in Forks Township, where he located. He served one term as road commissioner. In he was taken sick with pneumonia and died. In , Mrs. Sherman married S. He was a son of Henry Scovill, one of the pioneer families of Bradford County. She married Augustus Benjamin Bleiler. Notes: John, died unmarried in his 37th year. Notes: Moses, married and lived in Michigan.

She married Private Albert Molyneaux. Notes: Ann, married and lives in the West. He married Della Bahr. Peter Sherman Jacob. He married Eliza Mace , daughter of Isaac Mace. Children of Peter Sherman and Eliza Mace were as follows:. Generation 3. She married Valentine Dohm , born in Bavaria, Germany. Children of Catharine Hunsinger and Valentine Dohm were as follows:.

Notes for Soloman Bahr. Solomon Bahr was born in Berks county in , and came with his father's family to Cherry in He owns a part of the John Bahr farm, his father's farm near Dushore. Of this union, four children were born, Alfred B. Bender of Forks. To them have been born five children, Louis F. Potter of Dushore; Jennie C. Alfred, Clinton, Edward and Lewis are deceased. Children of Hannah Hunsinger and Soloman Bahr were as follows:. Bahr , born in Cherry, Sullivan, Pennsylvania. Bahr , born Bahr , born ; died in Overton, Bradford, Pennsylvania..

She married George W. Bender , born ; died in Overton, Bradford, Pennsylvania. He married ABT. Children of Jonas Hunsinger and Catherine Kester were as follows:. She married Theodore Townsend. Notes: Listed in census in Albany, N. Notes: Never married. John D. Keener, officiating. Interment in the Colley Cemetery. Hunsinger , born ; died He married Margaret Mathilda Drake. He married Annie Ellen Landback. Samuel D. He married about Elizabeth R. Hunsinger , born 16 Nov in ,, Pennsylvania; died 15 Oct Children of Samuel D.

Hunsinger and Elizabeth R. Hunsinger were as follows:. Notes: Living in Cherry Twp. Listed as Louis Hunsinger in census of Susquehanna Co. Lived in Rush, Susquehanna Co. Living in Montrose, Susquehanna Co. Hunsinger , born Jul in , Sullivan, Pennsylvania. Hunsinger , born about in , Sullivan, Pennsylvania. Private Henry Sherman Henry W. Notes for Private Henry Sherman. Civil War Soldier - Private, Co. I, rd Pa. Vol, entered 10 Oct ; wounded; also listed as Private,Co.

This is the same year that "Heverlyville" was changed to the name of Overton. Listed as pensioner at Stevensville, Pa. Heverly, published in , page One night in January, , the barn of Henry Sherman was destroyed by fire, together with its contents of hay and grain, a number of horses, cows, sheep and poultry perishing in the flames. The fire was believed to have been the work of an incendiary, and nearly ruined Mr. Sherman as he had no insurance on any of his property. Kind neighbors came to his relief, assisting him financially and otherwise. Notes for Catharine Rinebold.

Source: Letter from Mrs. Pat Buck, Glen Mary Dr. Catherine's son William Augusta Sherman was her great grandfather. Her grandmother was Lena Sherman. Her mother is Beatrice Wood Wilson. She married Reuben Bleiler. She married 1 John Pentz ; 2 George H. She married Charles R. He married Deborah Jane McIntire. She married Martin Philip Hatch. She married Hiram Beeman Barrett. Sergeant Jacob Sherman Henry W. Notes for Sergeant Jacob Sherman. Jacob Sherman served four years and one month.

He participated in all the battles and engagements of his regiment, never was wounded and was with his company every day, save six, when he was in the hospital. Certainly a remarkable record, and the longest term of service of any man from Overton, Pennsylvania. She married Fred Fremont Chase. Notes: Moved west. She married Richard C. He married Jennie Margaret Vanness. He married Mary Margaret Richlin. He married Iszora Anna McGee. Private Nelson Sherman Henry W. Notes for Private Nelson Sherman. Heverly, History of Overton He married Jennie Lucinda Billings. She married Hiram Norton.

Sherman, who died at the age of 86 on Jan. Charles Orpha Flick of Sayre. A number of interesting artifacts, including photographs, enlistment papers and a large wooden footlocker that belonged to Sherman, were recently loaned to the Sayre museum by Robert Flick of Sayre, a grandson of Sherman. In the forward to a book on the history of the 42nd Regiment, Fred J. Herman, who was the regiment's quartermaster, tells of the difficult situations they experienced. The hostilities officially lasted four months. Most historians agree that the war ended Spain's colonial influence in the Western Hemisphere and established the United States as a Pacific and world power.

At the same time, the U. The 42nd Volunteers were organized, assembled and equipped in for overseas service in the Philippines, according to the company history. Enlistment papers for Sherman indicate he enlisted on Sept. Sherman's brother, Joseph, also served in the Spanish-American War. He enlisted Sept. He married Permilla Voight, and the couple had three children: Geraldine Mrs.

William Weaver , Wilbur and Orpha Mrs. Charles Flick. Richard's siblings include Joseph, Katherine and Edward. He was wounded at Fredericksburg, VA. Nelson was born Oct. He is buried in St. Francis Cemetery, Overton. Outside the establishment is a Hudson Super Six automobile. Loretta Sherman Henry W. Notes for Loretta Sherman. The Sullivan Review, Nov. Maud Weeks of Brooklyn, N. Lizzie Fulmer of Brooklyn, NY. And Mrs. Ezra Hunsinger of Dushore, and one son, John living at home. LaRose officiating. Interment was made at Overton. Notes for Augustus Benjamin Bleiler.

Augustus B. Isaac Bleiler came with his family to Forks Township in , locating on the farm now owned by Augustus B. Bleiler learned the carpenter trade and for a number of years lived at Overton, working at his trade. Later, he purchased the homestead and moved upon it, where he is engaged in farming.

In , Mr.

Bleiler married Loretta Sherman who was born at Overton. Henry Sherman was a descendant of George Thrasher, a native of Reading, who located in Cherry Township in ; he was of German descent. To Mr. Bleiler have been born: F. Sources for Augustus Benjamin Bleiler. Bleiler , died She married C. She married Charles Fulmer. She married Ezra Oscar Hunsinger.

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She married Weeks. Moses Benjamin Sherman Henry W. The census has Susan and Moses living in Unionville, Michigan and Moses' occupation was "blacksmith. Caroline Sherman Henry W. Notes for Private Albert Molyneaux. On the morning of January 8, , Albert Molyneux went to a pool of water near his house and deliberately drowned himself. The cause of his rash act remains a mystery.

Generation 4.

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Adelbert J. He married Margaret Mathilda Drake , born ; died Children of Adelbert J. Hunsinger and Margaret Mathilda Drake were as follows:.

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He married Vesta E. Life Source: SS records. He married Ethel Mae Bartron. Notes for Charles Edward Hunsinger. Charles and Annie were married January 28, in Waverly, NY because no license was required there at that time. Charles appears as head of a household in the U. After his wife's death from Brights disease, he moved from Waverly back to Colley, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania where her relatives lived and her sisters could help with his kids.

Later, afraid that Annie's sisters might try to take the children, he moved away. They wrote letters requesting their return. Charles died at the home of his daughter, Caroline Hunsinger Stewart. To reach his grave, go in the second gate next to the office , Block 11, 3 rows East and feet north. He is buried with his two sons. Notes for Annie Landback Hunsinger. Hair was dark brown. Linda said she was "up home" on April 24, , Sunday. Notes: Christened April 29, Buried May 3, Baptized by Rev.

Never married. Became a printers assistant. She married Andrew Russell Stewart.

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Was retarded from birth. Sources for Reuben Bleiler. Bleiler , born ; died 25 Oct She married on 8 Apr Bert M. Bleiler , born Jan She married 1 before John Pentz ; 2 before George H. Daniel Hoppes and Susan Dietz. Hoppes were as follows:. Hoppes , born 3 Jan ; died McIntire and Celinda J. He married on 13 Jun Deesa May Teeter. He married 1 Katherine Kipe ; 2 Martha Wilson.

She married Lear. Chase and Almira Heverly. She married 1 on 20 Jun in St. He married on 28 Jul in St. He married Virginia Helen Rodburn. Lancaster were as follows:. He married Mary Anna Fassett. He married Gladys Isabel Besley. She was the widow of Oscar E.

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Sherman and marked her 90th birthday last Thursday. Born in Rummerfield, Dec. The couple made their home in quarters over the Smith General Store, later the J. Jones store. From there she and her husband moved to a farm on the outskirts of Rummerfield where Mr. Sherman still operated a blacksmith shop in addition to farming. He died July 1, and his wife remained on the farm, maintaining the home and family. She later leased some of the farm, worked some of it herself with the assistance of her children and grandchildren.

She later sold a portion of the land. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Benjamin Pauline Franklin Sr. Floris Miller of Rummerfield and Mrs. Reed Alice Heath of Monroeton; one son, Harold of Towanda; 18 grandchildren; 33 great-grandchildren; two great-great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Two sons, Ray and Ralph Sherman and a daughter, Mrs. States Bessie Wood, preceded her in death. Friends may call at the Archer-McCloskey Funeral Home in Towanda, this afternoon from 2 to 4 and this evening from 7 to 9 p.

Funeral services will be held at the funeral home Tuesday at 11 a. She married Benjamin Franklin. She married States Gregory Wood. She married Stephen Ellsworth Miller. She married Reed Charles Heath. He married Barbara Meyers. Duggan , born 10 Mar ; died April 27, Harold was born Oct. He was educated at the Fisher School in Standing Stone Township the first eight grades and graduated from Towanda High School in with a commercial diploma.

Sherman held various accounting positions throughout his 35 year career, all at the Towanda location, retiring in October On May 15, he married Erma Duggan of Sayre. They both loved to travel and spent many vacations in Canada, throughout the United States, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bermuda and had traveled extensively in Europe, having made five trips overseas.

Harold became a member of Bradford Lodge of the I. He was also a member of the Past Grands Association. He was also a former member of the Sylvania Mens Club and enjoyed his membership throughout the many years. He is survived by and several nieces and nephews.

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The funeral service will be held at 1 p. James Hollister, pastor, officiating. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service at the church. She married Warren Alonzo Mann. She married John F. He married 1 unknown; 2 unknown; 3 Billie J. Edward Sherman Nelson , Henry W. She married Wayne P. She married on 28 May Manley C. Richard Sherman Nelson , Henry W. He married Permilla Voight. Children of Richard Sherman and Permilla Voight were as follows:. Hunsinger and Emma Rowe.

Notes for Ezra Oscar Hunsinger. Ezra Hunsinger was born in Forks township in Hunsinger's great-grandfather, George Hunsinger, was one of the first settlers of Cherry township. Hunsinger married Emma Bleiler in , who was born in Forks township in She is a daughter of A. Bleiler, whose father, Isaac Bleiler, moved from Lehigh county to Forks in Hunsinger, one son Clyde, has been born. Cause of death: Diphtheria. Generation 5. Howard Hunsinger Adelbert J. Sources for Howard Hunsinger. Life: SS records. Children of Howard Hunsinger and Vesta E. Northrup were as follows:.

Ezra Burton Hunsinger Adelbert J. Notes for Ezra Burton Hunsinger. Much of this family information was received from Shirley Wilson and Sherry Cornog. Notes for Ethel Mae Bartron. Buried with Ezra with name of 2nd husband, Presher. No children by 2ndmarriage. He married on 19 Jun in Sayre, Bradford, Pennsylvania unknown. She married 1 unknown; 2 unknown.

He married unknown. She married on 30 Jun in Sayre, Bradford, Pennsylvania unknown. He married on 15 Dec unknown. Notes for Caroline Mae Hunsinger. Left eastern U. This was stated on an affidavit for her birth certificate by Linda Winslow her aunt. This was the date Linda last saw her. Funeral services were held at George F. Notes for Andrew Russell Stewart. Worked for Colgate Palmolive Peet from until his retirement on August 1, Lived at Indiana at the time of his mother's death in He was enumerated in the family of his parents.