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Animated Wallpapers for Windows : Stardock's Deskscapes

This might be a variety of stats about your computer system, social feeds, stock quotes, and more. It comes pre-packaged with a number of skins, or you can download from thousands of other skins created by the massive Rainmeter user community. In many cases, customizing these widgets may have a steep learning curve. For example, in many cases to add an event to a calendar widget, you need to edit an XML file to add those recurring events. Download Rainmeter. People buy fish aquariums because the slow-moving fish and the gurgling sounds provides a calming environment to any room.

If you want to round out the theme, you could also download the Fish and Corals wallpaper from the Microsoft store. This is a live wallpaper slideshow of real aquarium fish scenes. To customize Fences, just right click anywhere on your desktop and click Configure Fences. From there you can customize Fences in the following ways:.

However, you can try it for free for 30 days before deciding whether it will improve your productivity enough to justify the cost. Download Fences. You can place your own video files maybe from home video from your vacation trips, or landscape videos downloaded off the web into the PUSH Video Wallpaper app, and then select it to display it as your wallpaper.

Controls inside the app let you stop, pause, reverse or rewind the video. There are also sound controls to mute the video if you want it to be silent.

How To Enable Animated Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with Wallpaper Engine on Steam

The coolest feature of this app is the ability to stream YouTube videos directly to your video wallpaper. To do this:.

What is BioniX?

For example, add the URL link to the 7-hour scenic train ride from Bergen to Oslo Norway , and play the soothing trip as your live wallpaper while you work. Download Push Video Wallpaper. Let this animated magical island bring you fantasies of faraway places and magical lands.

Are you a Matrix fan? Let your desktop show off how intellectual you are. Some people love to feel the electricity and strength of a summer storm. Are you one of them?

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You will be mesmerized watching crystal clear water flow over these pebbles in a brook. Fantasy Clock. Dark Castle. All Rights Reserved. Gold Fish Watch the antics of small gold fish as they swim across your desktop in crystal clear water. Aquarium With this virtual animated aquarium on your desktop you can view all the colors in the rainbow below the water surface.

Windows 10 Tip: Changing Desktop Background and Lock Screen Pictures

Fantasy Clock Set your desktop with this animated fantasy clock and you will never lose time again. Fire Dragon This is no ordinary dragon breathing red fire. Earth Houston, we have liftoff! Fantasy Garden Immerse yourself into an ancient woodland where all things may not be what they appear at first. Mystic Island Let this animated magical island bring you fantasies of faraway places and magical lands.