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A simple spreadsheet or list will do. Not everything a person owns counts, though. For this list, include only the things that pass to heirs and beneficiaries by will or, if there's no will, by Minnesota intestacy laws, which determine who inherits if there is no will. Until a child is eighteen years old, they can't inherit property in their own name. Instead, an adult needs to manage that property until the child can manage it for themselves.

A child can inherit property in several ways. If a person dies, and leaves behind a Will or a trust , and names that child as the beneficiary, then it will be the Trustee's job to manage that child's property according to the terms of the document.

If a person dies and makes a gift to a child under that person's state's Uniform Transfers to Minors Act , the child's money will be placed in a custodial account for that child's benefit to a certain age. Finally, if a person dies and leaves money to a child directly, or names that child as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a retirement account, a court will need to appoint a property guardian to manage that child's money to age eighteen.

After that, the trust would terminate, and the child would be in charge of managing and distributing the money themselves.

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If you are serving as the executor or trustee of a deceased person's estate or trust, you are going to have to get a taxpayer identification number for the estate or the trust. You'll need it to open a bank or brokerage account, and it's what the bank or other financial institution is going to use to report the interest earned on those accounts until they are distributed to the estate's or trust's beneficiaries.

The process just takes a few minutes and, when you are done, the site gives you the EIN that you'll use for the estate or the trust. If you don't have access to a computer, you can fax in an application to this number: Wills and trusts get a lot of attention in the movies when it comes to inheritances, but in real life, life insurance often is the source of the biggest cash benefit to families and loved ones.

And who gets that money usually has absolutely NOTHING to do with either a Will or a trust, instead, it is the policy's beneficiaries who will receive that death benefit. When someone purchases a life insurance policy, they have to name primary and secondary beneficiaries.

The primary beneficiary receives the death benefit if they survive the insured party; the secondary beneficiaries will receive that benefit only if the primary beneficiary does not survive the insured party. Retirement accounts, unlike almost any other asset that a person can inherit, are subject to income tax. That means that if you inherit an IRA or a k , when you withdraw the money, you'll have to pay income tax on these withdrawals.

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From the government's point of view, this makes a certain amount of sense. These are, after all, tax-deferred accounts. The decedent saved that money while he or she was working, didn't pay taxes on that money, and would have had to pay income tax on the assets when they withdrew them.

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So, if someone leaves you an IRA, and you withdraw the money, the government doesn't want to lose out on that deferred tax revenue. This is a slight simplification of a complicated set-up, and some plans also hold after-tax contributions, which are not taxed upon withdrawal, but that's not the usual scenario. Property held in joint tenancy passes automatically to the surviving joint tenant or tenants when a joint tenant dies. It is probably the most common way that people own property together. No probate is necessary, just some paperwork. This is called "right of survivorship" and it makes the transfer of property upon death really easy.

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Married couples can own most of their property this way: homes, cars, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts. This requirement is in addition to the certification of no delinquent taxes. Record 1st, Record 2nd, etc.

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Mortgage Amount multiplied by. Miscellaneous: Contract for Deed - A Contract for Deed must have either a well statement signed by the buyer or a Well Disclosure Certificate and the appropriate fees.

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Satisfaction - Any deed that satisfies the requirements foa Contract for Deed must have either a well statement signed by the buyer or a Well Discloser Certificate and the appropriate fees. Fangman, listed as the baby's doctor on the death certificate, called Boy Gregory's manner of death natural. Authorities did not perform an autopsy, and the child's body was cremated the same day he died, according to the death certificate. Police declined to discuss specifics of the case Saturday. But the city's homicide detectives investigate all deaths considered suspicious by them or by others who may bring a complaint.

Some of those deaths later may be ruled accidental or natural. It is likely that since there is no body to exhume or autopsy results to review, a forensic pathologist at the medical examiner's office will have to obtain and review medical reports relevant to the child's life and death - which could take weeks. Home All Sections Search.

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