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An example of a "mistake" is correcting Dauid to David. This requires written proof of the mistake which may include:.

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If you want to change your name, you need a court order. An example of a name change is changing June to Edna.

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If you were born outside of New York, contact the vital statistics office in the State or area where you were born. To correct the birth certificate of a child under 12 months of age, bring the original birth certificate with an application directly to the hospital where the child was born. Physicians are required to report ophthalmia neonatorum babies' sore eyes to the Local Health Officer within 24 hours from the time when first seen.

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A midwife, nurse, or other person having charge must report immediately to Health Officer or physician inflamed, reddened eyes of infant within the age of two weeks. The body of any person whose death occurs in this City or which shall be found dead therein shall not be interred, deposited in a vault or tomb, cremated or otherwise disposed of, or removed from or into any registration district, or be temporarily held pending further disposition more than 72 hours after death unless a permit for burial, removal, or other disposition thereof shall have been properly issued by the Registrar.

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No such burial permit or removal permit shall be issued by the Registrar until, whenever practicable, a complete and satisfactory certificate of death has been filed with him or her. No undertaker shall allow any place or establishment used, operated, or maintained by him or her in the undertaking business to be used as a public morgue. If any dead human body is brought to any such place or establishment, and if arrangements are not made for the burial or cremation of such body within a reasonable time after the hour of death, the body shall be taken by the undertaker to the County Morgue, awaiting final disposition.

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  6. It shall be unlawful to inter or bury any dead human body in any place within the City other than a duly established cemetery or in a crypt existing at the time of the adoption of this article. No person in charge of any premises on which interments or cremations are made shall inter or permit the interment or other disposition of any body unless it is accompanied by a burial, cremation or transit permit, as herein provided.

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    Such person shall endorse upon the permit, the date of interment, or cremation over his or her signature, and shall return all permits so endorsed to the Registrar within seven days from the date of interment or cremation. He or she shall keep a record of all bodies interred or otherwise disposed of on the premises under his or her charge, in each case stating the name of each deceased person, place of death, date of burial or disposal, and name and address of the undertaker; which record shall at all times be open to official inspection.

    It shall be the duty of every person taking charge of the preparation for burial of the body of any person to ascertain whether such person died of a communicable disease, and if such person died or smallpox, Asiatic cholera, diphtheria, glanders, plague, scarlet fever or typhus fever, it shall be his or her duty to cause it promptly to be placed in a coffin or casket, which shall then be immediately and permanently closed.

    This regulation shall not be construed to prohibit the embalming of any such body, but if the body is to be embalmed, the undertaker shall cause such embalming to be done immediately upon taking charge of the body. Immediately after the embalming, he or she shall cause such body to be placed in a coffin or casket as hereinabove directed.

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    After handling, embalming or preparing for burial the body of a person dead of a communicable disease, such parts of the person's garments, and utensils or other articles of the undertaker and his or her assistants, as may have been liable to contamination with ineffective material, shall be immediately cleansed or disinfected or sterilized. After handling the body of a person who died of smallpox, the undertaker or embalmer and his or her assistants shall be subject to the regulations of the State Sanitary Code pertaining to smallpox contacts.

    A public or church funeral shall not be held of any person who has died of Asiatic cholera, diptheria, meningococcus meningitis, plague, poliomyelitis acute anterior , scarlet fever, smallpox or typhus fever, unless the consent of the local Health Officer has been first obtained.