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This tech leads to another new camera feature called Dual Exposure.

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It decouples the brightness controls of the background and the shadows controls in the foreground. We were able to adjust them independently via two on-screen sliders and, with a solid minute of tinkering, reduce the blown out backgrounds and see our once-shadowy subject.

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Portrait mode is notably better than ever, with the Pixel 4 able to distinguish the subject we were shooting from its background very effectively. You can see in the two examples below where the camera has identified what we wanted to keep in focus, and it could have been difficult with these subjects.

Google's Night Sight mode, which sees the camera pull light seemingly from nowhere in ultra low-light situations for surprisingly bright, clear shots, gets an upgrade on the Pixel 4 as well — and it needs it, as competitors have caught up, with Huawei and Apple both now offering similarly strong night modes. We found this to work fantastically well in our testing and you can see an example of the results below. The Pixel 4 also comes with a new astrophotography mode, which allows you to take bright, clear images of the moon, stars, and galaxies.

Google says you'll need to head out of light-polluted cities and into the countryside to take advantage of this new mode, and you'll also need to brace the Pixel 4 against a stable surface, or mount it on a tripod or other support — only when the phone detects that it's fully stable will it be able to capture the 15 long-exposure shots required to produce a well-exposed and detailed image. The Google Pixel 4 packs Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon chipset, giving it plenty of grunt, and that's complemented by Google's first ever bump in RAM for a Pixel phone.

We found in our time using the phone that it was speedy, able to load apps and games with ease as well as offering everything we need from a modern smartphone. The software on the Google Pixel 4 also works smoothly. On-screen you'll find Android 10 , the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, which features the firm's smart assistant baked into its core and new gesture controls. Google Assistant has been improved in Android 10, and the Pixel 4 showcases the smarter voice assistant. You can now request it to open apps, and perform searches in them — for example, saying "Hey Google, show me Beyonce on Instagram" will open the social app and take you to the pop star's profile page.

There's a new way to activate Assistant too: with a swipe-up gesture from the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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Alternatively, you can still use the wake word "Hey Google" or squeeze sides of the Pixel 4 — as you can on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 — to bring the voice assistant to life. Assistant in Android 10 is also context-aware, and if you bark a second command within 15 seconds of your first question, you won't need to wake it — it'll already be listening. The bottom bar takes up less screen height and the iPhone-esque controls, once you get used to them, work well, forcing you to swipe up from the bottom to return to the home screen or open recent apps. This deal expires for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 in , while the original Pixel was introduced with lifetime support.

All the top Google apps are provided here out of the box, and everything just works well. Another new feature on the Pixel 4 is Motion Sense. This enables you to use gesture controls to perform simple tasks when touching the screen of your smartphone isn't convenient, such as when you're driving, cooking or working out. We've already seen gesture control built into smartphones, with the LG G8 one of the more recent devices to offer it, but instead of using a camera for this, the Pixel 4 comes with a radar chip embedded into the bezel above the screen.

The radar chip provides a wider, degree field of view that allows the Pixel 4 to detect your hand from further away. Google says it's been working on the tech for five years — however, its first public outing is extremely limited. Motion Sense can detect three things: presence, reach and gestures. With presence, the phone detects whether you're near the device. If you are, it'll power-on the always-on display, and when you move away it'll turn the display off to preserve power.

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We found this to be useful throughout our testing period, but it can also be frustrating when you have your device facing you. Reach will wake the phone to display the lock screen and show any notifications you may have when you move your hand towards it to pick it up. The most interesting of the trio is gesture detection, which lets you wave a hand over the handset to perform certain functions.

Gestures are also only supported by a handful of applications at launch, including YouTube Music, YouTube, Spotify, the phone app and the clock app. Apps that are compatible will display a glowing white border at the top of the screen, giving you a visual cue that the feature is available. There is one more area where gestures are supported, and that's on the home screen. The phone took an hour and 53 minutes to entirely recharge — as with other fast-charging technologies, Googles focuses on speed initially to give you a quick top up, then slows down to finish charging your device.

This Pixel 4 also supports wireless charging, which we found useful when sitting at a desk, as we could prop the device up on a wireless charging stand or place it on a charging mat to ensure it was topped up throughout the day. Its point and shoot auto mode is phenomenal, while new additions such as the astrophotography mode are useful as well. You want a top display As one of the only phones on the market with a 90Hz display, the Pixel 4 has a market-leading screen.

This super-smooth refresh rate makes the device great for all sorts of tasks, from scrolling through social media to gaming and more. You already own a Pixel 3 The upgrade here over the Pixel 3 is particularly limited to the addition of Motion Sense and the improvements to the camera. Back to School And it all happens automatically. The shutter needs to stay open longer, which can lead to blur. And making sure colors stay natural-looking.

With iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, a new Wide camera sensor works with intelligent software and A13 Bionic to let you do what was never possible on iPhone: get beautiful, detailed images in drastically lower light.

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Night mode comes on automatically when needed — say, in a candlelit restaurant. When you tap the shutter, the camera takes multiple images while optical image stabilization steadies the lens. Then the camera software goes to work. It aligns images to correct for movement.

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It discards the sections with too much blur and fuses sharper ones. It adjusts contrast so everything stays in balance. It fine-tunes colors so they look natural. Then it intelligently de-noises and enhances details to produce the final image. It all adds up to night shots that stand apart — with more detail, less noise, and an authentic sense of time and place. With three cameras working together, you can fit more in your portraits than ever. And now it leverages machine learning to recognize faces in your shot and intelligently relight them. Just leave your finger on the shutter to start recording.

Want to keep the recording going? Swipe right.

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The new 12MP TrueDepth camera lets you take superfun slow-motion selfie videos at fps, or shoot in 4K at 60 fps. For stills, the camera now automatically zooms out when you rotate your iPhone, so you can get your whole crew in the shot. How did we improve performance and efficiency at the same time? Since each pixel emits its own light, the display can turn off individual pixels to produce true blacks.

On the flip side, we improved communication between the display driver and the display, used a more efficient OLED material, and optimized the panel design to reach two new record levels of brightness — one in sunlight and one while viewing HDR photos and movies. And because the display is more efficient, it contributes to longer battery life.

Buying you some extra time to enjoy those special features.

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Performance cores process complex tasks faster than ever, while custom efficiency cores handle everyday tasks — helping to deliver a huge leap in battery life. We built A13 Bionic to deliver unparalleled speed and advanced machine learning. Shooting 4K video at 60 fps in extended dynamic range, for instance, is like a firehose of information hitting the video encoder at once.

Processing it would be a challenge for most chips. But A13 rips right through it. Think of video as a series of frames. Thanks to incredibly fast camera sensors, iPhone 11 Pro is able to produce frames per second, alternating between standard exposure and short exposure frames. The image signal processor and video encoders analyze each of those frames in the moment to capture as much detail as possible. To take it even further, the Neural Engine uses real-time machine learning to optimize the different components of the scene.

For example, it might relight the person in the foreground, while reducing noise and enhancing color in the sky. It all happens instantly and automatically. That means engineering everything — the battery, the chip, the display, the software — to give you more performance with greater efficiency.

And A13 Bionic leverages four custom high-efficiency cores for everyday tasks. Another important piece of the puzzle is the Apple-designed power management unit PMU. The result?

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It works from farther away. At more angles, too. Everything about iPhone is engineered to protect your privacy. And the list goes on.

Learn more about our approach to privacy. Should you ever decide to part with it, you can use that value toward your next iPhone. In a hurry? Gigabit-class LTE for the most extensive roaming worldwide. Add a second line. Open this page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad. View in AR. Learn more about Apple trade in. Learn more about iphone upgrade program. Have questions about carriers, payments, or anything else iPhone?

Just say the word. Learn more about buying iPhone. Take a closer look. View the gallery. Finishes Glass Materials Display. Ultra Wide Camera. Wide Camera. Telephoto Camera. Expanded field of view. Telephoto Wide Ultra Wide. Image showing the field of view of a scene captured with the Telephoto camera.

Image showng a wider field of view of the same scene captured with the Wide camera. Image showing an even wider field of view of the same scene captured with the new Ultra Wide camera.