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It seems the camera stops working — showing nothing but a black screen and a shutter button — for some unlucky users. Many were able to resolve this by restarting or force restarting their devices. Camera problems extend from the rear-facing camera to issues with the front-facing camera as well. Although this is most notably with third-party apps such as Snapchat. Some users have found the front-facing camera is dimmed for the FaceTime app.

But this is easily fixed by force restarting your device. Deep-Dive find out about the newest camera features with Here are the major new camera features on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of compatibility issues with WeChat and iOS Although Apple has already released iOS 13, it might take a little bit of time for all the other Apple services and third-party services to work seamlessly with it.

One of the apparent symptoms of this is duplicate birthdays appearing in the Calendars app. Some users found as many as three duplicate birthdays added to their Calendar for the same contact. Apple says this issue is fixed in the update to iOS Did that work for you? Users with more than just a couple of hundred photos on their devices — which is most of us, these days — are experiencing a problem where the Photos app crashes when you scroll through them.

Normally, you can tap the top of the Photos of the app to fast-scroll to your oldest photos and videos. Do you know how to fix this bug? Please let us know in the comments so we can share it with other readers! Let us know what they are in the comments! Check out any recommendations here that Apple wants you to adopt. Identify apps that are using too much of your battery juice and reviewing the Battery health usage report details. Finally here is a list of 9 specific settings in iOS 13 that you can double-check to make sure you are maximizing your iPhone battery performance on iOS Restarting your iPhone or iPad provides a temporary fix.

The apps open up without any issues and there are no delayed animations. If for some reason, you find your iPhone or iPad sluggish in performance after the update, check out the tips below:. We hope that you find this comprehensive troubleshooting guide helpful. Please remember to update your iPhone to iOS You may need to reset your Apple Watch before notifications come through to it. Hold the digital crown and the side button until an Apple appears on the display. The iPad Air 2 seems to be suffering from being one of the oldest devices still compatible with iPadOS.

As a result, several readers are struggling with severe speed problems, where it might take 20 minutes just to navigate through the Setting. The only thing found to fix this issue so far is erasing and restoring your device from a backup. Some unlucky iPad Pro The only solution at the moment — until Apple patches this software — is to put your iPad Pro Deep-Dive downgrade to a stable version of iOS following these instructions for older versions of iOS. He spent two years supervising repairs as a Genius Admin for Apple Retail and uses that knowledge to keep our troubleshooting guides up to date.

Long before that, Dan turned to Apple products from a musical background. Having owned iPods for years, he bought a MacBook to learn sound recording and production. It was using those skills that he gained a first-class Bachelor of Science in Sound Technology. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, since the iOS My phone also offloaded my navigation app which is in use almost everyday last night for reasons best known to itself. I noticed that my iPad 6th Gen on iOS Has any one else come across this before?

Is it an as yet unresolved bug, or do I need to do something my side? I had an app that needed help from the makers using a small chat. They need an image.

Part 1. Best 4 Solutions to Fix Find My Friends Location Not Available

They had a camera icon. Used this which went into Photos. It allowed me to select an image but the usual Send link at the top showing album photos send were completely missing. But since she had updated her iOS, and subsequent updates, she has not been able to access her notifications by swiping down on an unlocked screen. When she swipes down now on an unlocked screen, all she gets is the Search Bar, the notifications.

Since the Os How can this be fixed. One major mishap: I was experimenting with the split-screen in Safari, but when I closed the app and reopened it, it gave me back a single tab window instead of my 40 smtg tab window that I had before. But after I closed the app like I do every night and opened it the next morning, it only opened a new window and seemed to have erased my previous session with all its tabs.

Since the latest upgrade Apple Books simply will not synch any books at all, in spite of repeated attempts to install them. Finder shows that all the the books present and available to synch across from desktop to iPad. Movies and music synch just fine. I am not using iCloud, I am connecting my iPad to my Apple desktop via lightning cable.

I have deleted the Books app and reinstalled it on the iPad.

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I could not get sound alerts when getting new emails. I tried a bunch of the troubleshooting mentioned in this article. The only thing that worked for me was to delete my email account and then re-add it. Now I get sounds when I get new emails. Safari keeps crashing. I can literally not do anything online with my iPad because it crashes constantly.

I heard that was an issue with Ironically, I had no issues with crashing until I updated to I so hate the new Share sheet, its ruined my most-used apps!

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Only option is to delete Easyroute, so now I can no longer create routes for sending to the other apps. Its totally infuriating, as it all worked brilliantly in iOS Is Have you tried a Reset Network connections after the iOS Give it a try. Remember to note down your wi-fi credentials as you may be required to re-enter them following the reset. After the latest update got iPhone having issues with my iPhone My brother in law who was a genius at Apple and now has his repair business primarily Apple products.

He gave me instructions supposing to fix the issue.. Please help with any suggestions. Barbara, This must be super annoying. Have you tried to reset all settings? Updated iPad Pro Tony, the iCloud Tabs for Safari have been totally messed up for many users. We hope that it gets fixed soon by Apple. We have seen sync issues with several apps including Notes. We will update the post as soon as we see any updates on these sync issues. Thanks for letting us know. After updating my iPhone to version My Maps will no longer pull the address for my next scheduled appointment from Calendar.

I use this feature several times a day, and now I need to open my Calendar first, find the next appointment, and click on the address to open up a set of directions in Maps. Steph, this must be a pain for sure. Wondering if something went haywire with the settings following the update. I turned it on thinking it would recover Safari bookmarks, passwords, reading lists, etc , but it worsened my problems because the passcode has been changed. I am the sole owner of this phone. No chat or Apple support can resolve this issue.

How do I enlarge this to enable me to read it better and in full. Used to not update until a few weeks after each IOS release to allow time for Apple to fix issues but forgot to change that when got new phone. Turning auto update back off after this. Stopped working when I updated to 12 then Books works fine and is updated.

Just send the item to print. When the print dialogue opens up, use two fingers and spread them apart. Find My app no longer works. Cannot see the location of family members even though they have accepted sharing the app and location sharing.

I can't join or create a creative server.

Great job guys. Lots of useful help but could be easier for users if your table of contents linked with tap to article. Also useful Comments could be Sub-grouped Under relevant article. Control Centre blurs the screen as background and that blur is recorded after 3 or 4 seconds when the Record button is pressed.

If the screen is tapped the image is clear again, but the recording stops! How to fix please. Regards PaulB. When I take a screenshot and I crop it, it appears in the Photos app in its original size uncropped. This has been a problem for me, I would appreciate if you could help me solve it. Yes, the same with mine. Also if I take some notes in the screenshot.

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But not every time…. Oh, apparently I am lucky my The number of app crashes and restarts is appalling, though. IPad spontaneously restarts twice a day, requiring passcode again. Apps crash in the middle, where they never did before. My book closes down while reading and the wheel of death circles on endlessly. I have tried turning the iPad off and then back on and eventually get my current book back. This is not a good advertisement for Apple. Is there a new improved update on the horizon? It allows one deletion and then scrolling through is disabled.

Also, why can you no longer save photos to your own pictures if someone emails or texts them to you? The only way I have found to save them is to screen shot them. It was much easier when I could just save them directly from the text or email. Since your iPhone is less than a year old and you have such charging issues, please set up an appointment with an Apple Genius to inspect your device and run diagnostics on it—you may need a battery replacement which is free if your device is covered under Apple Care. Now, regarding saving pictures sent via text.

Long press on the image itself to bring up a menu, choose Save from that menu. Wish I had not gotten new updated software!! Now when looking at messages or internet, the screen jumps and moves. Awful update, worst yet!!!! Other problems yo already have listed!!! The Law of Diminishing Returns!! Quality was in your past! My phone is hung up on the update requested part, but there is no ios 13 to delete in my storage list. Is there another way to stop the download and retry? Sorry to hear about your problems updating to the latest iOS 13 version.

Your next steps really depend on what you see on your screen—is it showing the Apple logo with a bar beneath it? Or did the iPhone just stop mid-way in downloading the update but not yet apply it so you can still use the device normally. If you can use your iPhone, try restarting it and then either go back to Settings to perform another update attempt or connect to a computer running iTunes Windows or Mac with macOS Mojave or Finder App for Macs running macOS Catalina and try updating using that program instead—these tend to be more stable updates.

The computer does not have to be yours! It just needs to have iTunes or Finder. Other options include simply restarting or force restarting your device. Theo was your device previously jail broken? Not sure if this is an issue anyone else is having or not…. My email address shows up but where I would enter the Apple ID is greyed out.

The same thing occurs with FaceTime. I can receive text message but am unable to reply or being a new text message. Siri is unable to voice text either, states there is a problem with the App. When I try to make a film from memories, photos and videos rearrange by itself even when I rearrange them. Today the voice over just keeps repeating that the update will happen tonight and then every time I touch a button it just says what the button is or does. I have tried pressing the volume down button and off button at the same time wait for the Apple to reappear but just get the same messages when it turns back on.

HELP I am not great with computers my iPhone is still working but is giving me a message that it will update tonight. Before I could move them to where I wanted them, certain things grouped together so I could find what I wanted easily and they stayed there until I moved or deleted the tab. It seems like the issue has resolved itself but it was annoying. I cannot stand this issue of trying to copy a link and being sent to the actual link in safari.

It burns me up every time and I am ready to just throw away the phone at times. Hi, I guess this is the case if the URL scheme starts with not alphabets, the scheme will return nil url. It stopped working overnight and now it will not start or charge. I have tried all the suggestions to force start an iphone I could find, without any result.

I use an official charger. Does anyone have suggestions, similar experience or ideas what might be wrong? If I had known my keyboard shrunk to iPhone size when upgrading I never would have. Is there a way back or anyway to get my previous size keyboard back? Yes, to return to the full-sized keyboard, pinch two-fingers open while inside that smaller keyboard. For example the calendar and words with friends. The email icon still works. I have to go to the icon on the big screen to open the apps. My husband has the same problem on his iPad. Any suggestions? First, update your apps by tapping the app store and choosing your account profile.

Then tap Update All to update any apps, including ones that are one your Dock.

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Once the icons jiggle, move them out of the Dock the bottom bar temporarily and place them on your home screen and press Done or the Home button. After you successfully move those app icons, repeat the process and place them back in the Dock. Then see if they open. I absolutely hate this upgrade feature!!!! I cannot add pictures to existing albums on my I phone 8Plus.

Error (0) Failed to get friends list.

My Add To went away. I can still do it on my iPad 7. I can no longer create PDF files from web pages in Safari. When I click on books the screen says it is preparing the files, then disappears and nothing appears in books. I can no longer print photos from the camera.

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  • The printer option no longer exists. The print option was moved to the action list that appears below the two rows of icons in the share sheet. After upgrading to There are no other messages in Settings that should require the red 1 to appear. How do I get rid of this thing? Swipe down the control center and look for an icon with a lock symbol in it and an arrow circling around it.

    If that icon is highlighted, tap it to turn orientation lock off. There are some apps that only work in portrait or landscape mode, so if your orientation lock is already off, try a few different apps to see if the issue is isolated to a particular app or set of apps. What has happened with this new update that could be causing this, and how can I fix it?

    Can anybody help? This is true both for my iPad and my iPhone. With all apps closed…after five minutes of idle time, the Music App kicks off and starts playing a random song. Turning things off in the Cellular Data settings such as is suggested to shut down autoplay for entering your car did not work. I do keep my wired earphones in while sitting at my desk…so this is very distracting.

    How can I control the music app?

    Fix: Error Adding Friend on Steam -

    Safari is flaky on my iPad Pro Selecting an insertion point in text is often impossible, you have to delete any mistakes in typing and start again. This problem happens when you use a cable or charger or both that is not MFI Made for iPad certified. But it seems to have started again frustrating. Every since I have upgraded my iPad to I also see they have their own app for the Ultramarine system—have you installed this app and tried it? Missing names in entering calls? Mexico experience with many users. Since the update google earth has lost all my places.

    I tried to re import the kml files, but the kml files are not recognised anymore. Today suddenly I notice my volume up button is not working, for 1 hour I have waited and then master reset it, thinking of problem will be solved, then after rebooting; I find out power button, volume up-down nothing works, I restart the iPad again, volume down and power button is working but volume up is still not working. Is this some kind of iOS 13 glitch? I still have 8 months of warranty, if I take it to Apple authorised reseller the shop I purchased from; will they replace it?

    Since you still are under Apple Care, contact Apple Support. They will repair or replace your device. After this update, I have no sound for incoming texts, calls, Facetime, etc. No sound on Facetime but get connection otherwise. The other person can hear me no matter which method is used. I cannot download the ipadOS The resume download button is grayed out…please help. Any suggestions on how I can download it. First, close the Message app by double-pressing the Home Button and swiping the Message App preview tile off the top of your screen.

    Can you manually download the plugin? Does your machine meet the minimum requirements? Yes No. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Still have questions? Ask the Help Community. Badges Some community members might have badges that indicate their identity or level of participation in a community. Levels Member levels indicate a user's level of participation in a forum.

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    Vote up a post. Correctly mark a topic or post as abuse. Keep creating a new server until you get passed the loading screen and spawn in the Creative Hub. Once your character freezes, leave the match don't wait until you timeout. Create a new server and hopefully this time you will be greeted with an error message "error. Set your rift to an island other than the one you last used and you should be able to enter it.

    Im having the same problem. Its season 9 now, but Ive had this problem for about a week, and im trying this trick that you said worked and its not working for me. My character then loads into the world, but freezes after about 10 seconds and then crashes. Ive left once its froze and it never comes up as an error, so I cant change my island :.

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