California vehicle safety inspection check list

It is important to receive these inspections whenever the Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to in order to uphold your duty of care. If you are in an accident with another driver and you believe failure to receive a safety inspection may be the cause, contact an attorney as soon as possible.


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DMV Pre-Drive Check List Before The Behind The Wheel Exam

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Section Vehicle Inspection Test

Your springs should be unbroken and function properly without visible sagging. Your steering system should move freely and not have any visible damage that would prevent proper operation. There should be no parts that are bent or twisted, and bolts, nuts, and rivets should not be loose or missing. The power steering system should not show any visible leaks or have a steering belt that is loose or excessively worn.

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Windshield wipers must be in good working condition, provided the vehicle has a windshield. They should operate freely and have proper controls located where the driver may operate them easily. They must be adequate to clear rain, snow and other material from the windshield and show no evidence of damage or missing parts. Blades should be in good working order and have no cuts, tears or missing rubber.

Tint may not be red, yellow, or amber. Windshield tint cannot extend more than 5 inches below the top of the windshield or below the AS1 line, whichever is greater. Side and rear view mirrors must be present and in good condition with no cracks or damage. They must be firmly mounted and must be easy to adjust and to set. Forward vision shall not be hindered by any mirror assembly. A rearview mirror is required for all the vehicles in North Carolina unless the vehicle is constructed or regularly loaded in such a way that a rearview mirror will be ineffective.

In this case you are required to have a both driver and passenger side mirror. Windshield glass is the one component that most people can name when asked about a safety inspection in North Carolina. This is a component that is frequently damaged and frequently needs replacement.

Vehicle inspection in the United States

Not all windshield cracks necessitate replacing the windshield. If you have a crack in your windshield, you don't need to replace it if it doesn't obstruct the driver's vision, meaning it can't be cracked on the driver side of the windshield at all. The carbon emissions, or smog, the portion of the California vehicle inspection is especially crucial. Smog can create dangerous air quality levels in California cities and is a serious concern in major metropolitan areas, including Riverside and Orange County.

Your vehicle will have to meet smog emissions requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and California state law. The station should send an electronic report of your report to the Department of Motor Vehicles , and the certification will be valid for 90 days. You will have to complete your registration renewal within this day timeframe.

While many vehicles in California will have to receive an inspection each year, you may not have to undergo an inspection if you own a certain vehicle. If you have a vehicle from a model year in the range between to the present, you most likely have to receive an inspection. If your vehicle fails a mechanical or emissions portion of the safety inspection, the state will require you to seek repairs as soon as possible.