How to find unlisted telephone numbers

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In the simple steps below I will share with you the methods I take when I get an Unknown number on my mobile phone. Landlines are almost obsolete but if you are receiving phone calls from a business or someone who still has a landline then this first step will be quick and easy.

Phonebook Number Lookup

Go over to Any Who's Website. If the phone number is a listed number or landline it will be found immediately. Though if the phone number is not listed or it is a mobile phone number you will need to go on to step two. If the phone number is unlisted or is a mobile phone number there are several services available online for locating these numbers.

Most of these services are excellent and offer the persons name and address. Also some services will even offer more information like Email address and background checks.

I personally use Phone Detective. Phone detective provides in their results name, address, carrier, and other details when available. You may also try calling the number that called you back right after it calls you.

How to Get Unlisted Phone Numbers

Though I have found with telemarketers and business that there return numbers don't work or it redirects somewhere else. Sometimes it is just easier to know who called you before you call it back.

Especially if you are not sure you want to talk or not to the person or business calling you. You may try calling the number back on a pay phone also and listen to see who answers. Such numbers are used for residential households as well, primarily for privacy and security concerns.

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In Norway and some other countries the directory services in the s distinguished between secret number , unlisted number and listed number with a hidden address. The first type secret number was typically used by celebrities in this case the address was hidden as well. The second type unlisted number was not listed in the paper based phone book, but was listed on the directory service a voice call to in the s.

Phonebook Number Lookup

Listed number with a hidden address is useful for women's shelter etc. Naturally there are many changes when directory services became available on the Internet, but this case shows that separate user groups may have different needs to hide various parameters relating to privacy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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