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An NPR piece looks at states where people can still be fired from their jobs or barred from housing simply for being gay.

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Immigration Inequality. Immigration Inequality focuses on providing legal resources to gay or transgender individuals who are struggling with legal matters involving immigration. For those who live in the southern portion of the United States, this site assists members of the LGBT community in securing helpful and supportive legal aid.

Civil Rights Gays and Lesbians. This page looks at laws and court cases affecting the gay community. Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Your Rights. Learn about federal, state, and local laws that project gay and lesbian workers from discrimination.

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Constitutional Conflicts: Gay Rights. This page looks at the court battles that have shaped public policies and interpretations of the Constitution surrounding gay rights. For the LGBTQ community in New York City, the office of the comptroller has created a resource guide for local assistance with legal matters, health concerns, and much more.

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On this website, the U. The Laws That Protect You. Lambda Legal gives a rundown of what protections there are from discrimination under federal, state, and local laws. Bullying is unfortunately a large part of adolescence, especially when it comes to members of the LGBT group. This website provides legal information about bullying in relation to sexual orientation or gender.

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The U. Department of Health and Human Services, specifically the Child Welfare Information Gateway, offers help for those who identify as gay or transgender and are looking to adopt a child.


In this document, legal guidance in reference to employment rights, protections, and responsibilities is addressed. Law Enforcement and Transgender Communities. This website provides information on improving relations and understanding when it comes to law enforcement and legal matters between authoritative figures and transgender individuals.

This page looks at how federal law protects the rights of LGBT students and gay-straight alliance groups.

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Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. What if you fall in love with her and your spouse starts hinting at a veto because they feel left out?

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This is not doom and gloom, it really is a suggestion of how to open your marriage to a third more successfully. Things will never be equal, and trying to force them to be can cause a lot of damage.

But trying to force the issue and keep things in tandem is a very difficult job for someone who has already mastered the skills you have to learn. I know it seems way scarier to just let your spouse go out there without you, but that is just an illusion that it will be easier if you can manage to land a unicorn. First, learn how to do poly right, and a great many wonderful things are possible for you.

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If you want to open your marriage up, you need to learn how to be comfortable with your spouse dating somebody else, so…get on that! I hope this post has inspired you to look at trying things differently and helps you avoid some of the the most common pitfalls new people make. Toggle navigation. Unicorn Hunting I wanted to write this as a bit of an orientation for people who are interested in adding a third person to their relationship, as this is a pretty common way to want to start exploring polyamory.