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It happens in the workplace , too. And, no such person can take time off to care for you. The reason federal regulations discourage questions about marital status in job interviews is that married women might be rejected because of their presumed focus on family obligations.

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Frustratingly, the federal Fair Housing Act , which protects cohabiting couples and single parents with children, does nothing for single residents or groups of friends. The laws of many states, though, do prohibit property owners from refusing to rent or sell to qualified applicants, including single individuals and unrelated pairs or groups of adults. No, I said. Sons or daughters? Sisters or brothers? When I mentioned cousins and friends, he talked right over me. Then he proposed to give me only the milder drug.

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I asked. In a national survey by University of Chicago psychologist John Cacioppo, physicians reported that they might not provide the same care to patients they perceive as socially isolated as to those surrounded by family.

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As Bella De Paulo has repeatedly pointed out , such studies are misleading when, for instance, they fail to acknowledge other sources of social support. Questions about marital status are rarely motivated by malice. They are just unthinkingly out of step with how we live now. The road to marriage - step by step Here you can follow the formal procedure for getting married in Norway, or you can go straight to the point you want to learn more about.

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Choose the step you want. Marriage with a foreign citizen If you are getting married to a foreign citizen in Norway, he or she must submit documentation to the Tax Administration.

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Clergy from outside of Massachusetts can marry you as long as they get state authorization. Want to get married at Boston City Hall?

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We created a separate how-to guide with that information. The person who performed the ceremony needs to complete the marriage license and either mail it in or return it to the City:.

  • Go to City Hall.
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Learn more about marriage certificates. We created a step-by-step guide on how to get married.

Marriage with a foreign citizen

You can find the video on YouTube :. In Massachusetts, a divorce is not considered final until after 90 days. Check your divorce decree for the exact date your divorce is final. We're testing out suggested content on Boston.

If you see anything out of place, let us know at feedback boston. How to get married in Boston Want to get married in the City of Boston? Please keep in mind A marriage license is only good to use for 60 days in Massachusetts from the date you applied. If you apply on Tuesday , the license is available on Friday.