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The police department was notified. A transient was located and interviewed. He claimed to have heard people arguing earlier in the morning. The manner of death is homicide the immediate cause of death is being withheld for investigative reasons. The victim and others were all asleep when they heard a loud knock at the door.

The victim answered the door and was shot. The victim was employed at a manufacturing plant. He worked normal business hours and on the weekend he was a DJ for a Spanish radio station. The victim was shot in his driveway as he entered his vehicle. The victim was homeless at the time of his death. An anonymous phone call to the police.

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The caller was reporting a dead body in the parking lot of La Frontera restaurant. The body belonged to the victim. If you have any information about this homicide contact the Salt Lake City police. The victim was a painter and was going to be painting at a house that was being remodeled. He asked for assistance from a friend. He rented a paint sprayer.

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He was not seen leaving the club. He had been shot to death. The victim left the residence with an aquatint in the aquatints vehicle. While at a stop sign another vehicle a vehicle pulled up along side them and fired a shot hitting the victim in the head. The victim was at a birthday party in his house. It was a large gathering. A Cadillac Escalade arrived at the party and a group exited.

One member of the group fired a shot hitting Slome in the head. If you have any information about this homicide contact the Salt Lake City Police. Maria made a living cooking that she would sale it out of her van. Her husband was often away on business. She was found deceased Monday September 10th by her co-worker. The victim was located deceased in the hallway by the kitchen by his aunt and cousin.

He had been stabbed once in the chest. He worked at Market street restaurant. Contact Salt Lake police with any information. His vehicle was located near Dewey Arizona. He told co workers that he would like to go to California. The victim left her temporary residence in West Valley City at a. The home owner at West North in Salt Lake City was awakened by his dogs at approximately a. The home owner looked out his window and observed a car parked in the front of his house. The witness went back to bed.

At a. In doing so, he found the victim dead and called Patrol officers arrived and found the victim lying face down across the front seats. Evidence was located at the time which could lead to an identity of a suspect with further information. The Medical Examiner determined the manner of death as homicide the immediate cause of death is known but withheld for investigative reasons.

Carlos was lying on the grass in Pioneer Park talking to a female acquaintance when 3 men approached and stabbed Carlos in the back. He was standing outside when shots were fired into a crowd striking Manuel. Rebecca White went missing the summer of She also has pierced ears. Contact South Salt Lake Police with any information.

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Two truck drivers spotted the victims vehicle on the West side of the Jordan Canal , but it got stuck when the front wheels went over the edge. The victim was found bound in the trunk of the car. It was believed Wayne had traveled to Mt. Pleasant to register his truck. When relatives contacted other relatives that live there they said he never showed up.

Wayne suffers from stage 5 emphysema as well as other illnesses. Amy was a 22 year old college student living with a room mate. The apartment was on ground level. A man broke into the patio door to rob them and the intruder ended up stabbing both Amy and her room mate. The suspect used her credit card to purchase gasoline. Once in Parleys Summit and once in Steamboat Springs.

Kerry lived in Provo , Utah with his mother. He told his mother on September 9, he was going to Salt Lake to attend the Greek festival. He never returned home. The victims body was found in a remote area of Memory Grove. His body was concealed in a grove of trees. Cornell was a 23 year old Native American. He had no car and was usually on foot. He hung out on State Street. The victim was found in an irrigation canal by a passerby.

The victim was face down in approximately 18 inches of water. The victim was identified by fingerprints.

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The Medical Examiner Officer ruled the manner of death as homicide. The immediate cause of death is known but being withheld for investigative reasons. This victim was found in the roadway at Jefferson Street at a. The victim had been shot and stabbed.

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It was very obvious to detectives that the victim had struggled with the suspect before she was shot and stabbed. Evidence has been collected that could lead to the identity of the suspect if information comes forward. The amount of gunshots and stabbed wounds as well as placement is being withheld for investigative reasons. The victim was tied up inside several sheets and blankets then placed in a shopping cart and taken to W. South Temple. The victim was removed from the cart and dragged to a pile of debris in an open field.

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The body was covered with debris and the suspect left on foot. The Medical Examiner Office determined the manner of death to be homicide. The victim was found in her supervisor office at the Family counseling Center, stabbed to death. The victim was found inside his apartment. The initial investigation showed that the victim was a member of a local radical element. Rosa was sleeping in her room and in her bed with a 4-year-old sister.

The bedroom window, screen was removed. The Police were immediately notified and a search was initiated. The body was floating in the surplus canal at approximately South and West. Left to paint family cabin in Flaming Gorge. Dad checked at cabin and he had never arrived. Vehicle was a lease and neither vehicle or Steven were located. Raymond has Alzheimers, internal bleeding, and dementia. He was last seen in Fillmore, Utah on November 26, Raymond has a cyst on his right hand between the fingers.

Shurtz was not with the vehicle. Jan was last seen Wednesday, January 3, at her home in Millcreek. She is missing under suspicious circumstances.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Jan, please contact the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake at Bobbi was last seen leaving her home on January 7, to go to the store. She left her child at home and has had no contact with her family since. She has a 2-inch scar on her right shoulder and several tattoos. A tattoo of a rose on her left calf, mushroom and sunbeam on her right leg. If you have any information on her disappearance, please contact the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake at Dental and DNA available.

Michael may travel to California. He may wear glasses. Lark was last seen on September 21, driving a silver Chevy Blazer with Utah license plates. Harold has memory lapses and sometimes does not know where he is. He has been missing since August 28, He was visiting relatives from Venezuela went for a walk and never returned.

He lives in Taylorsville, Utah. He is blind in his left eye and wears glasses. He does not drive therefore relying on the bus system. Pleasant, Utah area. Acacia was last seen wearing a pink sundress with white sunflowers. Both of her ears are pierced and she has a tennis ball-sized birthmark on her lower left abdomen. Acacia Bishop was last seen at 6 p. Kiplyn was last seen at Spanish Fork High on May 2, She left all of her belongings in her locker at school. She has naturally curly red hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion with a few freckles.

She is very self conscious about her appearance. She was wearing dark denim shorts, white crew neck top and a light blue denim vest with beige stripes. Adam was last seen wearing a black shirt and black pants.

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He has tattoos on his back, left shoulder, right and left arm and his chest. He has a scar on his left arm. Contact the Sandy Police Department with any information. Ruth disappeared under suspicious circumstances on July 1, She has had dental work done to 2 of her upper front teeth with visible silver around the edges. She wears 4 earrings in each ear. Spanish speaking only. If you have any information please contact the Sandy City Police Department.

May seem disorientated. Wandered from established residence and may be living among the homeless. Believed to have perhaps some sort of memory loss. Does not have any identification on his person. He did a lot of advocacy work with the Katrina evacuees. Last seen with tan pants and a black hoodie and was barefoot. Nancy Wilcox was a 16 year-old cheerleader in her junior year at Olympus High School at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen riding with a man in a yellow Volkswagen Bug near her home in Holladay, Utah on the afternoon of October 2, Marlene has been missing since June She has a scar on her left cheek, curly hair and has used the name Marlene Cummings.

Dental is available. John had not had contact with his family since He has a burn scar on his shoulder and a scar on his toe. Dennis was reported missing by his mother in She stated that her son travels back and forth from Salt Lake to Hawaii for business. His family believes he met with foul play. He has a scar on his Right arm and has long red hair. If you have seen Jack or have information about his disappearance, please contact the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake at Case CO Sarah was last seen in Bountiful Utah.

She may have traveled to Nevada or California with a male companion. She went missing without taking any clothing or personal effects. If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter, or other types of homicide in Utah, it is crucial that you retain the services of a compassionate, non-judgmental, and highly experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Without legal training, it is virtually impossible to successfully defend yourself under pressure in court, especially when the charges are so complex and severe.

When the stakes are this high, you need and deserve the benefit of legal representation that is driven by many years of practical experience. An alleged homicide is charged as murder when a person: Intentionally causes the death of another human being. Accidentally causes the death of another human being, having intended to cause serious injury to that person.

How is an Aggravated Murder Charge Different? What Are Aggravating Factors? The murder was committed in prison or a correctional institution. Two or more people were attempted targets, or were killed. The murder was committed in exchange for payment or other financial gains, including contract killings.

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The murder was committed for the purpose of evading arrest, or escaping custody. The murder was committed with a bomb, incendiary device, or poison. The victim was under 14 years of age.

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The victim was subject to torture, extreme injury, or other cruel or depraved treatment. The murder was committed in order to prevent the victim from giving testimony or acting as a witness. An act of homicide can be charged as manslaughter under state law in either of the following scenarios: The defendant commits the crime of murder but receives an offense reduction.

State Cold Case database There are roughly more than cold cases throughout Utah which include homicides, missing persons, and unidentified deceased persons. October 17, Fernando Hernandez. Read more. May 17, Carlos Lopez Perez. September 30, Hipolito Casiano Mateos.